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Power Couple

Relationship Tool

Anywhere you hear people talking about RELATIONSHIPS you can also hear people talking about rating themselves and potential partners.
In reality, a person who is an "8" to one person might be a "10" to another for different reasons and just what that person is looking for. But how can you determine FOR YOURSELF without getting distracted by others' perceptions? Eugene & Andrea have designed a tool that can help.
There is no ONE WAY to design a sustainable, mutually satisfying relationship. However, over almost 30 years in friendship and romantic partnership, Eugene and Andrea have found that there are four foundational principles (The 4 Pillars) that can help couples establish and maintain strong partnerships.
Understanding the importance of a strong foundation and knowing your potential for compatibility can help you navigate your way through the confusion that often surrounds relationships, and provide you with additional perspectives about what it really takes to establish you and your potential as a Power Couple. You will know whether you may need to slow down and spend more time getting to know the other person or if it would be better if you just keep it movin'. You can learn more about how the compatibility tool works below.
Look for Eugene and Andrea on Clubhouse on Friday and Saturday evenings. 
They discuss and walk with individuals through their own Power Couple potentials for compatibility on ♣️🏡Clubhouse each week using the Four Pillars and the Compatibility Potential Relationship Tool.  
For private mentoring opportunities through Relationship Strategy Sessions, check out WBL Mentoring.


It is important that each person takes personal responsibility for their relationship decisions. Ultimately, family members, religious mentors and relationship gurus will not have to live with the results of the decisions you make about your life and the people you choose to partner with for the journey. By tuning in to yourself and what is important to you, you become better postured and positioned to create a life that adds value to yourself and has the potential to add value to another. Here's how the tool works: 


Picture this… You are attending a week long retreat. At this retreat, there will be many individuals that you admire for the work you have seen them do. One day will be set aside for you to spend an entire day with the person of your choice. Which type of connection - physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual - is most important for you to have between the two of you? Rank the connections with 4 being the most important and 1 being the least important. 

2021-03-31 (2).png


First, RANK THE P.I.E.S. CONNECTIONS, based on YOUR INTERACTIONS and STANDARDS in the order that matters most to you from highest (4) to lowest (1). Please rank them based on YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCES.
File_000 (3).png


Next, RATE EACH P.I.E.S.  CONNECTION TO THE INDIVIDUAL. Select a number from 5 (highest) to 0 (lowest) to best describe your connection BASED ON YOUR INTERACTIONS with the person. 

See examples below.


Example #1

Take note... If you only rate a person as a 2 in any area, that can become an area of weakness in your partnership and an area where you only tolerate your partner.
We encourage you to REconsider partnerships that rate less than 70% for potential compatibility. Power Couple partnerships are challenging. Having strong connections from the beginning will help establish a strong foundation for partnership.

Example #2

2021-03-25 (1)_LI.jpg
Also, keep in mind that if someone has a 5 in any area, it is an area where we can experience the most disappointment if it changes. 
2021-03-25 (7).png
Make sure that you are not looking at them through rose colored glasses. Partners can rate higher or lower in any of the P.I.E.S. Connections over a lifetime of living together through various experiences.

The Potential Compatibility Survey is most beneficial for those still considering current, new and potential relationships; but you can use it for tune-ups if you are already in a relationship. For those who are in married, engaged and committed partnerships, please take the Power Couple Quiz for insights into your Relationship Archetype.




Keep in mind...
Based on your growth and personal development, the way you RANK your P.I.E.S. Interactions by level of importance can shift.
Based on the other person's growth and personal development, the way you  RATE your interactions with the other person can shift higher or lower.
Consider this... As you change roles and responsibilities in life, your 1st and 4th P.I.E.S. preferences could switch. Everything about what you prioritize and the other person prioritizes could change. This survey is only an encouragement to consider the POTENTIAL in a very objective and tangible way.
If you can't rate your interactions with your potential or current partner, you may need more information. If you are serious about a Power Couple partnership, consider engaging in discussions around these types of questions:
  • How do you like to relax and unwind? (movies, sports, workout, go out, talking, cooking, cleaning, work on special projects, etc.)
  • Do you prefer to stay local or do you like to travel? If so, where would you like to go?
  • When you are stressed, do you prefer to get it off you chest (vent) or do you prefer to ponder it before you talk about it?
  • Do you think you will ever want to advance your educational studies or return to university to earn advanced degrees?
  • What kind of things do you like to do with your closest friends?
  • Are there any times when you prefer to be alone?
  • Who is the person who has had the greatest impact on your life?
  • If money was not a consideration, what would you be? What would you do? Where would you go?
Share your responses to the questions, too. And remember, we do not have to lose ourselves in order to be in partnership. When we take personal responsibility over our decisions, the people we invite into our lives can help us see ourselves more clearly and achieve our life's purpose and #RelationshipGoals through partnership.
JOIN Eugene and Andrea on ♣️🏡CLUBHOUSE to explore the Power Couple potential of YOUR partnership.
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