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Schedule a Relationship Strategy Session with Eugene & Andrea as an individual or a couple for an investment of $150 per sixty (60) minute Zoom session. The completion of an Intake Form is required prior to each mentoring session by each person that will participate in the session. Please contact Eugene & Andrea at to inquire about availability of mentoring through WBL Relationship Strategy Sessions.


DISCOUNT: For individuals who have invested in the Maximizing the Connection Course or Power Couple Mentoring Course, the investment is $94 for each sixty (60) minute virtual session. Use the Coupon Code provided after purchase of the courses and apply the discount at Check Out.

Schedule a Relationship Strategy Session or WBL Power Couple Mentoring Intensive with Eugene and Andrea!

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READ BELOW to know how get Astrological Consultations based on your birth energies and Energy Balancing Sessions to equip you to transform your life.

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You can know more about the energies you bring into the world. Your birth chart is as unique as your fingerprints and can help you understand your own energy flow.


We have been designed to operate in the world with certain kinds of energies in a certain way and our partners come with their own energies in a certain way. Realize what energies each of you bring to the relationship so that you are not offended by the energy your partner brings. Often, our partners are not being a particular way to come against us, but they are expressing the energies that they are accustomed to by design. Comparing both birth charts can allow you to see the lights and shadows that you contribute to your relationship. Those energies don’t have to collide, they can combine and you can use them to BUILD LEGACY that expands your efforts in the earth.

Would you like to know more about the energies you bring to your relationship?


Energy Balancing Sessions
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Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness reinforces and supports any  changes you seek to make within yourself and your relationships. Even when we know what we need to do to change, sometimes that change can seem slightly out of reach. Often, because of our past experiences, life long habits and ways of being, we could use help reconnecting with the divine nature of ourselves.
When we begin to focus on the things we take for granted - like our breath - we can learn to access the energy that allows us to transform our bodies, our minds and our spirits.
Are you interested in initiating practices to help you transform yourself - body, mind and spirit? Email and ask about how you can schedule Virtual Energy Balancing Sessions with Coach Gene.

Disclaimer: I understand that the mentoring received in the Relationship Strategy Sessions by Eugene Mason III and Andrea Little Mason are intended for educational purposes services and are not considered a substitute for seeking mental health care. It is not intended to provide diagnoses, treatments, or cures for mental health conditions. Eugene and Andrea Mason do not guarantee specific outcomes based on the use or application of strategies found in the resources made available on the We Build Legacy website. Resources on the We Build Legacy website (i.e. blog posts, ebooklets, articles, videos, audios, session guides, music, etc.) are for use as self-help tools and do not serve as a replacement for a mental health consultation by a licensed professional.

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