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You can look at your birth chart to know the energies you bring into the world. Your birth chart is as unique as your fingerprints, so it is important to understand your own energy flow.


We have been designed to operate in the world with certain kinds of energies in a certain way and our partners come with their own energies in a certain way. Realize what energies each of you bring to the relationship so that you are not offended by the energy your partner brings. Often, our partners are not being a particular way to come against us, but they are expressing the energies that they are accustomed to by design. Synergizing the composite of both birth charts can allow you to see the lights and shadows that you contribute to your relationship. Those energies don’t have to collide, they can combine and create legacy that expands throughout our spheres of influence.

Would you like to know more about the energies you bring to your relationship?


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