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Build up your relationship skills to communicate better
with family, friends, and co-workers with






How are you handling your #RelationshipGoals?
Eugene Mason III, MBA
Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D.


Helping you navigate life's most important GOALS...
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Maximizing the Connection


Whether you are at work with colleagues, at home with family & friends, are single or in A relationship 

Personal growth is essential to

make, maintain and maximize connectioN.

At the core of any type of mutually satisfying relationship are individuals who are committed to continual improvement of themselves as individuals as well as relationship building. 

Without a commitment to turn your focus to yourself - your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors - you will find yourself less successful in your interactions with others.

Maximizing the connection TOPICS

  • Personal Responsibility - We need to be reminded about the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions and how they can affect relationships.

  • Change Me - The only positive change that you can 100% guarantee in your personal life and in your relationships are the changes you are willing to make in YOU.\

  • FaiReality Tale - Fairy tales are so common that sometimes we use the notions of Prince Charming and 'living happily ever after' as our expectations for our relationships in real life.

  • The 5 Es - Our personal perspectives about relationship expectations is heavily influenced by how we have interacted with the world in various capacities.

  • F.O.G. - Sometimes in our relationships, communication can become as challenging as navigating through fog.

  • Words/ Tone/ Volume/ Body Language - We are always communicating, so it is important to consider how people are receiving our full messages.
  • Four Corners of Visibility - Being able to view situations from diverse perspectives can help us navigate life's situations & make the best decisions in our interactions with others.

  • The Power of kNOwing - When you KNOW your priorities, saying NO when you need to becomes much easier.

Maximizing the Connection




A self-paced, independent study for individuals interested in personal development. MTC includes:

Make, Maintain & MAXIMIZE

Your investment?



Who is Maximizing the CONNECTION for?

If you desire to improve relationships with friends, co-workers, and/or family members... Maximizing the Connection is for you!

There are some aspects of relationships that are universal and skills that will help you navigate your interactions with others, no matter who you are trying to relate to. Maximizing the Connection lessons provide the soft skills necessary to help you navigate ALL of your relationships a little bit better.

If you are single - unattached, coming out of a relationship, or desiring to prepare for relationship... Maximizing the Connection is for you!


The skills presented in Maximizing the Connection are useful for any meaningful relationship in your life. It is designed to help you plan for the future with a significant other, while appreciating the season you are in.

If you are currently in a relationship - married, engaged, committed, or dating... Maximizing the Connection is for you, too!


There are many aspects of relationships that require both partners to engage together to influence various dynamics of the relationship. However, there is always room in a relationship for individual growth as the relationship grows. Maximizing the Connection will allow you to consider ways to build up your relationship by considering personal changes you can make in the way that you interact with your partner. The lessons will suggest ways you can influence your interactions by working to empower yourself in your relationship. 

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with Eugene and Andrea

Soul Soil

Get the eBooklets revised from Dr. Andrea's book:

Soul Soil The Good, the Bad, and the DIRT that Makes Up RELATIONSHIPS


What could you do with some dirt and a few seeds? That depends on what and where you are planting. SOUL SOIL explores this topic as it relates to relationships and uncovers the benefits of YOUR PLANTER in our interactions with others. You will never look at relationships the same way again!

o  Learn about personality styles and how they can influence your perspectives and behavior.

o  Find out about your individual strengths and consider how they can become character flaws.

o  Gain insight into ways of navigating new and changing relationships.

o  Discover ways to make changes in YOU that can positively influence your relationships with others.

"The most significant CHANGE you can make in your life and relationships is YOU!"

~ Dr. Andrea Little Mason

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Disclaimer: The mentoring received in the Relationship Strategy Sessions with Eugene Mason III, MBA and Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D. are intended for educational purposes services and are not considered a substitute for seeking mental health care. It is not intended to provide diagnoses, treatments, or cures for mental health conditions. Eugene and Andrea Mason do not guarantee specific outcomes based on the use or application of strategies found in the resources made available on the We Build Legacy website. Resources on the We Build Legacy website (i.e. blog posts, ebooklets, articles, videos, audios, session guides, music, etc.) are for use as self-help tools and do not serve as a replacement for a mental health consultation by a licensed professional.

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