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Getting ready for South Africa

I will be boarding a plane and traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa. I have been on CLOUD NINE fantasizing about the opportunity to plant my feet on the African continent.

I am even learning the isiZulu language… I mean, “Ngiyafunda isiZulu!”  (That’s the best way I know how to say it right now.) The majority of South Africans speak more than one language. Zulu is spoken by the largest population of people and more than twice as many of those who speak English.

I don’t expect to be all that good at it, but I cannot imagine not making some effort to communicate with others… I cannot allow the effort to only be one-sided. I think I will get more out of the experience if I make some effort.

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! But five days ago, I crashed.

I realized that I have NEVER left my children family to go ANYWHERE for longer that 4 days… EVER. For some reason, I am fine letting my children go spend the summer with family, but something strange happened when I considered that I am leaving my family for two weeks!

I am grateful to have so many supportive people in my life who are willing exhort me to new levels and encourage me to move forward fearlessly.

I am much better now and I realize that this is an opportunity for me to expand my children’s expectations for themselves, while also expanding my own influence and exposure to a global context of the world.

I look forward to connecting intercontinentally with a broader birth culture, and I am also looking forward to connecting with comparing and contrasting the education system with the one I have experienced at varying levels in the U.S. as an educator.

Gene is right… This is an amazing opportunity at an amazing time in my life.

I think I am ready…


📷Consequently, I believe that South Africa’s flag strikingly beautiful. It was adopted in 1994 when many changes happened in its government.

Here is some information about it. The colors on the South African flag represent:

Black – Determination and the black population

Yellow – a symbol of generosity and for the natural resources i.e. gold

Green – hope, joy and love and for the land

White – peace and honesty and the people of European origin

Red – hardiness, bravery, strength & valour and for bloodshed

Blue – vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice and the open blue skies




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