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Connected again…

This is the first morning that I have been reconnected and able to be fully online in quite a while.

I am sitting in a Virgin Active Gym… Everybody works out here. There is a nice cafe. Hold on… I will allow you to see what I am seeing…


Workout machines… Heated pool… Totally different than my past week’s experiences. I am still processing so much of my total experiences here and I have committed myself to take the time needed to process all of this out. I am determined not to cheapen this experience, so I will most likely be writing about this for a while.

Originally, I planned to write a post a day… I planned to neatly catalog my experiences. But then things began to happen that sent this trip into a whirl wind.

Originally, I stated that my intentions were to explore birth culture and make connections with universities. Those objectives have and continue to move forward as I prepare for my departure from South Africa back to the U.S. However, this trip has proven to be more of an opportunity to connect to death as well which has provided additional perspective and learning opportunities through personal experiences that I never anticipated.

I feel like I have been here for a month… I wonder if the Creator has done one of those “things” again and placed me on a journey where I believe that there is one purpose, but in actuality if I had seen the full intentions I would have run away… Far away… In the opposite direction. I do that sometimes…

For those who are reading… THANK YOU for journeying and processing this with me. At this point, I plan to write and post until I get it all out… And when I am done, I will stop and get back to my regularly scheduled program. I have A LOT data from the Doula Perspectives Survey I developed that needs to be analyzed… Believe it or not, I have had inquiries about doula work while I was here as well… I have A LOT of opportunity and UMSEBENZE ahead of me. That is the Zulu word for WORK… I will NEVER forget it.

I leave on Wednesday and still have things to check off of my to-do list, so I will go and deal with this post and hopefully a few others that have been sitting in queue for almost a week.

I am still figuring out how to formulate those thoughts, but if you will accompany me through my process, I promise to be transparent and tell it all.

I appreciate you…




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