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Day 0 continued: The flight and arrival…

It was a rather tight fit as they were large men and I am a full figured woman.

As the flight attendants made preparations for our departure, the gentleman in the middle seat got up and moved to the row behind us. I’m not sure whether that was his original seat, but did make for more comfortable seating.

I did not like the internal response I had to the situation as it arose. I pride myself an being skilled at knowing how to mitigate these type of scenarios. While my response on the outside was measured and appropriate, the inside of me was having a fit. I do not like that feeling and I📷 consider those type internal or external responses an indication of areas that need to personally be addressed in the individual who is experiencing them.

So one way that Gene and I teach about these types of topics is to view it from the individual vs. institutional perspectives. What we seek to help individuals identify is the individual responsibility/power and the institutional responsibility/power in any scenario.

I no more want someone to make an assumption about me because I am Black, American, or a woman, than I believe it is fair to presume something about someone because of their race, nationality/ethnicity, or sex.

So I had to get myself together… And I did… I asked him about some aspects of South Africa and made small talk with him throughout our flight. I enjoyed my flight.




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