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​​​​Relationship strategies, energetic therapy and cosmic analysis by virtual session, training & mentoring for body, mind & spirit.
After 30 years of friendship, marriage and active parenting, Eugene Mason III, MBA (aka Coach Gene) and Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D. (aka Dr. Doula) have embarked on a new adventure of tiny home living, travel and resource sharing. Follow the journey, get exclusive content and access WeVibeWeFit™ Resources that will assist you in navigating your journey on Patreon

Considering the Heavens

Allow yourself to heal in SACRED SPACES through indigenous ways of knowing. Make an appointment with Coach Gene for Energy Balancing Sessions utilizing the breathing techniques, Reiki and sound meditation. Schedule some time with Dr. Doula to get a glimpse at your original design by considering what the Creator has written about you in the heavens. Life is about more than what we can experience through our five senses. Consider the Heavens and receive help you live the best version of your life.

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Let's chat about what The Heavens have to say about YOU!  ~Dr. Doula

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Coach Gene and Dr. Doula have developed trainings to support those who are practicing non-traditional gender roles as they learn how to navigate their unique #RelationshipGoals, strengthen their families, and establish a firm foundation for the legacies they are building in their personal and professional lives. Their work is based in education, research, and 30 years of finding success and satisfaction in their own unique partnership. 

Are you tired of mainstream terms like High Value Man or Masculine Woman and want wisdom about relationships that is tried and true and based in lived experiences? Or maybe you need support navigating business partnerships? Or perhaps you are figuring out ways to strategize in order to maximize family connections in your life?

You're in the right place! Coach Gene and Dr. Doula are Relationship Strategists with the wisdom of over 30 years of experience, exposure, expertise, and education in various environments. Need a non-judgmental, unbiased perspective about a relationship concern? Just ASK!



Manifest your #RelationshipGoals and BUILD LEGACY!

Make, Maintain & Maximize the "SHIPS" in Your Life!

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