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with Coach Green Gene

Energy Balancing Sessions

Activate Your Breath, Energy, & Spirit to Transform Your Life

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Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness reinforces and supports any changes you seek to make within yourself and your relationships. Even when we know what we need to do to change, sometimes that change can seem slightly out of reach. Often, because of our past experiences, life long habits and ways of being, we could use help reconnecting with the divine nature of ourselves.


When we begin to focus on the things we take for granted - like our breath - we can learn to access the energy that allows us to transform our bodies, our minds and our spirits.

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Untitled design (8).png
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One Distance
Reiki Session

(45 minutes)

Individual - $65

Couple - $100

(45 minutes each)

Individual - $200

Couple - $325

Four Distance
Reiki Sessions

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