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  • I am SINGLE. Am I able to participate in the #RelationshipGoals Online Series?
    YES!!! The best time for an individual to gain insight and understanding on how to navigate a romantic partnership should be before the commitment. The following tools available for you on the HOME Page at - Facebook MTC Community: Maximizing The Connections in life's relationships by asking relevant relationship questions to your Hosts Eugene & Andrea. - Power Couple Quiz: Learn your Power Couple Archetype that best fits your preferences and Pros & Cons to consider even if you are single. - Maximizing The Connection Series: Improve relationships with friends, coworkers and or family memebers. Inherit tools to assist your with navigating all your relationships. - Soul Soil E-Booklets: Your guide into growing meaninful relationships by understanding your soil and how to effectively posture and position your planter. - Relationship Strategy Sessions: For additional support a personal one on one E-Session with your Hosts Eugene & Andrea is available at
  • Do I need a PayPal account when making an investment in the E-Store?
    No, you do not need a PayPal account. Any major credit/debit card is acceptable. Be sure to follow the PayPal instructions.
  • What is the Maximizing The Connection LOG-IN Password ?
    In order to retrieve the Maximizing The Connection password - after you pay for this product - complete the #RelationshipGoals Online Series form (See Below). Once you press submit the password will scroll down at the bottom of this form. Write this password down for your records.
  • How do I log onto the Maximizing The Connection page?
    Paid participants are able to access the Maximizing The Connection Online Series by clicking the LINK (see below) on the HOME page, then log in with password.
  • How do I access the Power Couple Mentoring Sessions?
    Paid members are able to access the Power Couple Mentoring Sessions by pressing the link on the HOME page or the LOG-IN link at the top right hand corner of the page (see below). Don't forget! With your investment into the Power Couple Mentor Sessions you also recieve: A Private Membership Group MTC [Maximizing The Connection] Sessions (4) Soul Soil E-Booklets Lovers' Rendezous (music CD) Discount towards the personal Relationship Strategy Sessions w/ Eugene & Andrea.
  • Can the #RelationshipGoals Online Series or a Relationship Strategy Session replace counseling or therapy by a licensed professional?
    No, the mentoring received in the Relationship Strategy Sessions by Eugene Mason III and Andrea Little Mason are intended for educational purposes services and are not considered a substitute for seeking mental health care. It is not intended to provide diagnoses, treatments, or cures for mental health conditions. Eugene and Andrea Mason do not guarantee specific outcomes based on the use or application of strategies found in the resources made available on the We Build Legacy website. Resources on the We Build Legacy website (i.e. blog posts, ebooklets, articles, videos, audios, session guides, music, etc.) are for use as self-help tools and do not serve as a replacement for a mental health consultation by a licensed professional.
  • Where do I start?
    All participants are encourage to start with the: Power Couple Quiz - Take the Power Couple Quiz [ Link on home page ] and find out your Power Couple Archetype. Learn how your preferences affect your relationships (friendships, kinships, etc...). Next participants are encourage to engage the: Maximizing the Connection Series - Improve relationships with friends, co-workers, and or family members. No matter who you are trying to relate to, Maximizing the Connection Series provides the soft skill lessons necessary to helping you navigate ALL of your relationships better. For your romantic partnerships: Power Couple Mentoring Series - Make the investment... The ONLY Couples Course purposed to help you build your Power Couple status by providing tools for managing agreement, skills to maintain respectful interactions, and customized Power Couple Blueprints to support your unique partnership.
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