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Sankofa Ways "Sacred Spaces"
​Sankofa Ways Sacred Spaces GATHER DAUGHTERS BORN ON THE CONTINENT AND THOSE BORN IN THE DIASPORA to spend time sharing and exchanging ideas as sisters do. This workshop is a chance to be intentional about your well-being and connect with other like-minded individuals. Come prepared to laugh and cry as we learn from each other as WOMBmen. We'll celebrate our similarities and also the differences that make us unique and add to the ornate tapestry of our existence. The WOMBman is where all life begins - and this workshop is where your journey to a more empowered, vibrant life can begin . Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your feminine energy!
Our ancestors knew the importance of nurturing the WOMBman, and now it's time for us to reclaim this knowledge and use it to heal ourselves. Join us for a transformative time in a sacred space where we will explore the healing properties of ancient practices for WOMBmen's wholeness and wellbeing. 
Sankofa Ways Sacred Spaces (Workshops) were developed to honor, promote and preserve indigenous practices. It is an opportunity for WOMBmen to GATHER to reclaim and restore sacred family practices of WOMBmen caring for WOMBmen

In traditional, indigenous cultures all over the world... WOMBmen STILL GATHER.  Various times during growth or development have always signaled the time for a rite-of-passage, ritual or celebration.  Young or aged, seldom was a WOMBman left vunerable without the support and guidance of other WOMBmen. Centuries and generations have shown how our survival has depended on the ability of WOMBmen to nurture new life, guide families and support other WOMBmen. 

This gathering is approached from a body/mind/soul/spirit perspective that facilitates an environment to encourage each WOMBmen incorporate their own unique gifts, skills and expertise into their personal expressions. There will be opportunities to SHARE EXPERIENCES AND STORIES from diverse traditions. Expect to leave with an enlightened and elevated perspective about the connections we all share as Daughters of Africa.

​- Refreshments will be provided, but also feel free to bring a snack.
- Please bring a yoga mat!

Sankofa Ways "Sacred Spaces"

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