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Sankofa Birth Ambassador Mentoring

This mentorship opportunity introduces you to the modern birth world, while honoring traditional, indigenous contributions, and helps you to find the right fit in the big picture of birth work. SBA Mentoring includes access to the "10 THINGS" Signature Program and four (4) private mentoring sessions with Dr. Doula.

As doulas have become popular,  more and more birth professionals endorse this belief: 
“Your family and friends cannot support you effectively during pregnancy, you need to hire a professional doula."

The truth is that the expectation of looking outside of family and close friends to find support for birthing mothers is a western concept and fairly new in many cultures. Sankofa Birth Ambassador (SBA) Mentoring is responding to a greater need than training Black doulas. SBA Mentoring created to EQUIP BLACK WOMEN TO BECOME WHAT WE NEED FOR OURSELVES ONCE AGAIN. 

In order to change our situation, we need Black women to be what we were... BEFORE there were doulas. We ALL need to have knowledge and skills so that we can lose the fear that has taken hold of us about birth. We ALL need to become reacquainted with birth and postpartum, whether it is chosen as a career path or not. 



Sankofa Birth Ambassador (SBA) Mentoring prepares participants to support women throughout the childbearing year, equipping Sankofa Birth Ambassadors to function as birth and postpartum support, advocate within their communities, and/or provide assistance to family and friends. This mentoring emphasizes connectedness to African cultures and the Black American historical context, while also navigating the challenges of modern birth culture. 
BEFORE THERE WERE DOULAS... there were mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends who supported the mothers in their lives during the their childbearing years. Before we received assistance from others, we did what we needed to do to HELP OURSELVES, to HEAL OURSELVES and to SAVE OURSELVES. But so much has changed and so many of our ways have been abandoned. In times past, when our mothers saw that their daughters were in danger they sought to EDUCATE THEM, EQUIP THEM and PREPARE THEM for the challenges they might face. Women of African descent have become more vulnerable during childbirth than ever before. WE ARE BEING CALLED to care for our daughters, nieces and sisters once again. Let's  restore relationships that can promote intergenerational healing.

ARE YOU READY to answer the call?
YOU are who our ancestors prayed for...
YOU are who they hoped would come…
YOU ARE THE ANSWER for our daughters...
YOU ARE THE ANSWER for your sisters...
YOU ARE THE ANSWER for our legacies...
Let me help you ANSWER THE CALL!


The mission of Sankofa Birth Ambassador (SBA) Mentoring is to support women of African descent and diverse cultures in their efforts to know birth, know their place in birth culture, know their options within birth culture, and know their support systems with those who have a track record of supporting diverse women’s autonomy. Participants can also expect to find community and support as they pursue their unique traditions in birth culture.


SBA Mentoring is centered around presenting birth work through a lens that honors the triumphs of Black women's contributions since time immemorial and offers insights into ways to navigate the challenges Black women face. Through SBA Mentoring, you will:

- Be introduced to birth so that you understand the basics and can begin to offer support to people in your life
- Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that many Black women and diverse cultures face when seeking to get involved in birth culture
- Be shown your options to find your place in the “birth world”
- Be pointed in the right direction, toward like minded individuals who will have your best interest in mind


•  Four (4) Private, Live Video Mentoring Sessions with Dr. Doula Q&A time, professional guidance in birth culture, general encouragement for your journey *Dr. Doula's Signature Course: 10 THINGS* (Access granted after registration and payment)
•  Four (4) Pre-Recorded Video Sessions
1) Review of Prenatal/Labor/
Postpartum Basics
2) Navigating Birth in Modern Culture
Deciding How to Serve and Choosing Your Position
3) Finding Your Allies in Birth Culture•  

Resource List and Documents​
• Interactive Assignments
• Birthwork Organization Recommendations

After completion of SBA Mentoring Requirements
• Certificate of Completion
​•  LIFETIME ACCESS to the "Africa to the Diaspora" Birth & Postpartum Project




Sankofa Birth Ambassador Mentoring

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