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Power Couple Mentoring Relationship Training

The Power Couple Mentoring  Training is a self-paced, independent couple's course includes:

  • 16 Video Tutorials

  • Session Guide


What investment are you willing to make to see yourselves:

  • as an example in your spheres of influence?

  • able to accommodate one another’s dreams and goals?

  • respectful of equality and equity for both partners?

  • as “US” focused more than “ME” focused

  • able to combine forces to “take over your world”?


When you and your partner have completed Power Couple 

Mentoring, you will...

  • Have clarity about how to celebrate your own and your partner’s uniques differences

  • Feel more connected in your relationship and know how to maintain that connection

  • Have tools to adapt as the seasons of your relationship shift and change

  • Experience increased satisfaction in your relationship

  • Know how to make changes when relationship roles no longer fit your partnership

  • Be able to relieve many common pressures that are a part of relationships

  • Have skills to open dialogue and navigate diverse ideas to find common ground

  • Have tools to create a balanced partnership

  • Learn strategies that will get you closer to your #RelationshipGoals



MODULE 1: Partnership with Benefits

PARTNERSHIP is an important part of the Power Couple relationship and communication is a vital part of ensuring that partnerships flourish. Connecting well in partnership requires that both partners are in sync. In Module 1, we consider how differences in personality preferences and personal motivations can affect interactions with your partner. We also discuss how it is possible to view the same events from different points of view and consider how to work together to create the same ‘picture’ when seeking common ground.

Relationship is Partnership  •  Riding Tandem  •  Celebrating the Differences  •  Connecting the Dots


MODULE 2: How to R.E.A.P. in Your Relationship

MUTUAL RESPECT is a building block of Power Couple relationships. Partners in Power Couple relationships recognize the importance of the other’s perspectives when making decisions and they consider how their partner’s unique way of doing things is an asset to the partnership, so those differences are respected. In Module 2, we will examine the R.E.A.P. Approach and consider how partnerships are strengthened when we are willing to Respect, Expect, Adapt, and Protect in our relationships.


When 2 Worlds Combine or Collide?  •  The R.E.A.P. Approach  •  Finding Common Ground Based on R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  •  Rules of Engagement


MODULE 3: Break the Mold to Get to Relationship Goals

AGREEMENT is one of the most dynamic aspects about being a Power Couple, because it intensifies your efforts. Traditionally, there were predetermined roles that many couples sought to fit into, whether they naturally fit that mold or not. Those that fit well into those roles are often able to function well. As society has changed and evolved, there has been a greater need for partners to play different roles. In Module 3, we address the various roles in relationship partnerships and use the P.I.E.S. Matrix to allow you to begin to consider your unique partnership design.


Gender Roles Spectrum  •  Let’s Slice PIES  •  Breaking the Mold


MODULE 4: Shape Your World Together

Without ACCOUNTABILITY, Power Couple partnerships are unable to thrive. Mutual respect and agreement are stifled if there is no way to ensure that a couple is following the same blueprint. After engaging in the interactive lessons as a couple in Modules 1, 2, and 3, you will spend the final week working together to design your own personalized blueprint for your Power Couple relationship. You will both use the skills and tools from the previous lessons to craft your own plan for your partnership. When you finish this final Module 4, you will have an individualized, personalized guide that you and your partner have created to fit the specific needs and dynamics of your relationship; and you will be equipped to modify it as needed. 


PIES 4 LIFE!  •  SHIFT!!!  •  Who’s the Man?  •  Raise Your Standard


Power Couple Mentoring Relationship Training

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