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Maximizing the Connection Relationship Training

A self-paced, independent study for individuals interested in personal development that includes Audio Tutorials and Session Guides.


Whether you are at work with colleagues, at home with family & friends, are single or in a relationship, personal growth is essential to make, maintain and maximize connection. At the core of any type of mutually satisfying relationship are individuals who are committed to continual improvement of themselves as individuals as well as relationship building. Without a commitment to turn your focus to yourself - your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors - you will find yourself less successful in your interactions with others.



  • Personal Responsibility - We need to be reminded about the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions and how they can affect relationships.

  • Change Me - The only positive change that you can 100% guarantee in your personal life and in your relationships are the changes you are willing to make in YOU.

  • FaiReality Tale - Fairy tales are so common that sometimes we use the notions of Prince Charming and 'living happily ever after' as our expectations for our relationships in real life.

  • The 5 Es - Our personal perspectives about relationship expectations is heavily influenced by how we have interacted with the world in various capacities.

  • F.O.G. - Sometimes in our relationships, communication can become as challenging as navigating through fog.

  • Words/ Tone/ Volume/ Body Language - We are always communicating, so it is important to consider how people are receiving our full messages.

  • Four Corners of Visibility - Being able to view situations from diverse perspectives can help us navigate life's situations & make the best decisions in our interactions with others.

  • The Power of kNOwing - When you KNOW your priorities, saying NO when you need to becomes much easier.


Maximizing the Connection Relationship Training

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