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Activate Your Breath, Energy & Spirit to Transform Your Life


  1. Choose your session and make payment.
  2. Complete the Assessment Form:
  3. Schedule your session with Coach Gene at this link:


Note: Payment must be made before scheduling is complete.


Coach Green Gene has been an active participant of energy work the past 15 years as a Shaolin Martial Arts practitioner. He is Reiki Master and Naturopath who practices energy healing work internationally assisting individuals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness. He lives by the mantra: Stop the stress, struggle, and strain, and live your best life with intention and confidence. 


Let reiki energy healing be a part of your therapy regimen to clear, balance and regulate your FLOW STATE!  Reiki sessions may also include Breathwork, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and Chakra Therapy.



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