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CONVERSATIONS w/ Coach Gene and Dr. Doula

Coach Gene and Dr. Doula are full of experienced insights about navigating relationships, partnerships, kinships, and leadership. They use their 30+ years of experience, exposure, expertise, and education in various environments to offer guidance with friends, family, romantic partnerships, in business, and organizations. They are gifted together to help you transform how you navigate your relationships with others. If you would like advising about your relationship, or you would like mediation about some challenges you might be facing with those most important to you, these sessions are an excellent resource for you. 


Through CONFERENCE PHONE CALLS and LIVE VIDEO ZOOM SESSIONS, they provide support for relationship transformations, through unbiased wisdom gained over a lifetime.


Select from 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute sessions.

  • Sessions with only Coach Gene or Dr. Doula are held via 📞conference phone calls.
  • Sessions with both Coach Gene and Dr. Doula are held via 📹 Zoom video calls.


  1. After payment, SCHEDULE your session here:
  2. Next, complete the Relationship Strategy Session Conversations Form. Please provide as much information about the session topic or concern as possible. This form must be completed at least two (2) days prior to your session by each person that will participate. Please find the form at this link:


Please note that Coach Gene and Dr. Doula will guide Relationship Strategy Session Conversations based on the topic and the time selected for your session.

CONVERSATIONS w/ Coach Gene and Dr. Doula

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