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Considering the Heavens w/ Dr. Doula



Dr. Doula would love the opportunity to share insights with you to help illuminate your world. Whether you would like to know more about yourself or your relationship, Considering the Heavens can provide clarity and help you see your path, purpose and potential more clearly.


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Note: Payment must be made before scheduling is complete.


Considering the Heavens Sessions with Dr. Doula are LIVE Virtual Sessions held on Zoom. Read through the descriptions and select what you feel would best serve you at this time:



EXPLORE: Get to know the basics about your birth chart

This is an introduction to your birth chart, a snapshot of where the planets were at the moment you took your first breath. They can serve as a reminder of who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do. Are you a bit skeptical about how accurate a consultation could be? Let me introduce you to your energies! When you see yourself, you will know it!


SIGNS OF YOUR TIMES: 30min ($77)

INQUIRE: Ask a question about current events in your life

Throughout our lives we age, we grow and we move to new locations. The lights and luminaries in the sky are there to help us keep time and know the seasons of our lives. This consultation is designed to help bring clarity to situations you may be currently experiencing and confirm that you you are known and seen by the Creator during each season of your life.



DEEP DIVE: The most comprehensible option using multiple modalities

We can gain insights about our life changes by considering the heavens more deeply. Would you like to know the Creator’s messages to you that were written in the heavens? You can! Consultations are based in various “systems of knowing” that have been used in diverse cultures around the world since ancient times. May include Astrology, Cardology, Human Design, Numerology & Akashic guidance.



CONSIDER: See how you and another person can influence each other's lives

Would you like to gain more insights about how you relate to special people in your life? Whether it's a close friend, one of your children or your life partner, understanding how your energies affect others and how others energies affect you is very empowering. Readings are based in Astrology (natal charts), Cardology, Numerology, Human Design & Akashic guidance.



What is available to you in your new year...

Each year, the Sun returns to the same location it was in at the moment you were born. Many celebrate these Solar Returns as Birthdays. A birthday is a personal new year and a Birthday Reading can help support your expectations for your new year. Offer it as a birthday gift for someone you think would appreciate it. The Birthday Reading audio will be sent to the email address provided.



What is left for you when a loved one passes away...

There are two times that every person will experience the heavens open to them: the moment they are born and take their first breath and the moment that they die when they release their last breath. Those are times when a spiritual portal is open. The first is what is represented by what the heavens show on your birth chart and the latter can be seen when someone transitions. There are messages left behind for those who remain. The Transition Reading will be sent to the email address provided.

Considering the Heavens w/ Dr. Doula

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