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"10 THINGS" Black Birth Renaissance Signature Course


​​“10 THINGS"... WHAT EVERY WOMBMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BIRTH: ​Includes fundamental knowledge that is important for birthing mothers and their support people to know and consider while preparing for birth. It includes information about modern practices and those that acknowledge women of African descent and diverse cultures strong birth traditions within society. General topics covered are: From Back Then to Here & Now, The Medical Side of Birth, Envisioning Your Birth, Integrating Traditions, Bonding with Baby​


"10 THINGS"... WHAT EVERY HELPER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT POSTPARTUM: Derived from common practices found through research of African cultures, whether in the north, south, east, and west of Africa. These indigenous practices have also been continued throughout the African Diaspora and are foundational to the care of new mothers. General topics are: Becoming a Helper, Nurturing the New Mom, Breastfeeding, Rites of Passage, Postpartum DepressionThe day a mother gives birth is not the only time she will need support during the childbearing year. Traditionally, a new mother could depend on those closest to her to care for her during her pregnancy and postpartum. 



Many Black women have a desire to BE AN ANSWER for their daughters, sisters and friends during the childbearing year. They want to know what they can do to be HELPERS to them, but over the years, much of the understanding that Black women have had about birth, has been lost, stolen, forgotten, surrendered and abandoned for modern practices that do not fully serve Black birthing mothers. While technology and medical options have improved, the need for care throughout the pregnancy and postpartum has not changed. 

We can BECOME AN ANSWER FOR BLACK WOMEN once again. Historically, Black women did not have to pay for this type of support, because the women in their lives were equipped to be their HELPERS. There was also an understanding that the need for new mothers to be cared for was not optional. There was an expectation that, at a minimum, a new mother would be able to learn from and be supported by her mother or mother-in-law. 

There are remnants of our traditions that still exist, but we don't recognize them as useful practices that were intended to be LEGACY for us.


Let me help you learn THE BASICS OF BIRTH AND POSTPARTUM based in our traditions, so that you and your family can begin to help one another again.

What's so special about "10 THINGS"? 

  • THIS COURSE IS INTENDED TO BUILD FAMILIES! Every Black woman will not choose to become a birth worker, but WE ALL NEED TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE CHILDBEARING YEAR. 
  • The course is self-paced and sessions are in video format so that you can go back and review the information as many times as needed
  • The information is presented in a conversational manner that is intended to honor the oral traditions of the Black people
  • The course includes a BONUS set of videos of additional topics
  • You receive a personalized Certificate of Recognition once you have completed the course.

There is no need to believe that only a few people should know how to care for new mothers in your life... That is not the legacy of our grandmothers.


“10 THINGS… What Every WOMBman Should Know about BIRTH & What Every HELPER Should Know about POSTPARTUM” provides a way for you begin to LEARN and BEGIN HELPING your daughters, sisters and friends RIGHT NOW!

“10 THINGS” includes video sessions full of birth and postpartum knowledge and insights that connect our traditions with modern times, based on what is important to Black women. When you finish “10 THINGS”, you will be confident in your ability to begin to help the women in your life and you will know that you are not left to figure everything out on your own. 

"10 THINGS" Black Birth Renaissance Signature Course

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