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Power Couple Archetypes

The way that we view our relationships is based on our world view which is heavily influenced by one's environment, education, experience, exposure, and expertise. With all of the diverse traditions and families we come from, it should not surprise us that we each have different ideas about what we desire in relationships.

POWER COUPLE Archetypes involve considering how individuals view gender roles within relationships. It also considers how POWER is distributed within couple relationships between men and women in partnership.


We use the terms CLASSIC, CROWN, & ALLIANCE to distinguish these differences. The way POWER exists and the way partners view leadership in relationships influences how partners relate to one another and interact with one another to accomplish their #RelationshipGoals. These three archetypes represent three of the romantic partnership styles that are most visible among African Americans. We have found them to be useful as guidance for couples of diverse cultures as well.

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