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CLICK HERE to find out what POWER COUPLE STYLE best suits you with this quick, simple quiz!

Are your traditional, non-traditional, or a mixture of the two? Could the man cook the meals? Should the woman be the primary caretaker of children? Could she make more money than the man or be the primary bread winner for the household? Is it important that decisions be made together? Find out how your preferences may affect your relationships.

Eugene Mason III, MBA
Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D.
Power Couple Mentoring

There is a difference between wanting to be a Power Couple and being a Power Couple, and YOU know that. Are YOU the kind of couple that wants to move beyond admiring other couples to become the Power Couple of YOUR dreams? Being a Power Couple is not about the being a couple that receives attention and accolades because of wealth, power, or fame. It is about connection and being a couple in partnership that knows how to walk together in mutual respect and agreement, with accountability, toward your personal and collective goals. Becoming a Power Couple is an attainable #RelationshipGoal IF you are both committed to that end.


This is the ONLY Couples Course purposed to help you build your Power Couple status by providing tools for managing agreement, skills to maintain respectful interactions, and Power Couple Blueprints to support your partnership, along with the support needed to propel you toward YOUR #RelationshipGoals.

Move from Stagnant to Dynamic... Release the Struggle to
Manifest Your #RelationshipGoals!

It isn’t your fault. While there are clear roles and expectations for more traditional couples, there is no model for your unique relationship dynamics. You are most likely not a traditional couple and you have stepped outside the box and, in many ways, are doing your own thing and are trying to figure things out. But unlike some other couples, your relationship roles do not fit neatly and that creates some conflicts for your relationship.

We believe you have a vision for your relationship where you see yourselves… and you see yourselves as a dynamic, influential people in your world, but you DO NOT know the path to get there. And you are doing all you know to do with the information you have been given to manifest the vision you have as a couple, still the end results are usually more disagreements and disappointments.

There is a lot of advice for couples who desire to function in traditional male and female roles, however, there are few resources for those who take a more modern approach to relationships. Perhaps you are a free thinker with non-conformist thoughts about how you want your relationship to look. Or perhaps you desire to have a different type of relationship than what you saw growing up.

If you can identify with any of these ideas, the thought of being a Power Couple probably resonates with you as well - a couple with two people who are equally amazing as individuals as they are as a couple, where they combine their “super powers” to manifest great things and achieve their #RelationshipGoals.


The Masons

It can be frustrating though. We understand… and we FEEL you. Why? Because we have been there.


  • We know what it’s like to not know how to walk in agreement.

  • We know how challenging it is to find common ground.

  • We understand how tough it can be to see beyond the differences.

  • AND we have experienced the satisfaction of working as a
    to accomplish greater #RelationshipGoals.

We made a decision to commit to our relationship and the work we needed to do to accomplish our #RelationshipGoals, so that we could become the couple we desired to be and stand on the other side of the struggle as witnesses to the journey... cheering you on and telling you that YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!


Find out your Power Couple Style!

The CLASSIC Power COuple
The CROWN Power Couple
The ALLIANCE Power Couple
Our Story

We are Eugene Mason III, MBA and Andrea Little Mason, Ed.D., creators of the Power Couple Mentoring Course and we are #RelationshipGoals Experts. We have spent more than 20 years in love, relationship and partnership; and been Relationship Educators for more than 10 years. We have used our published work and research about relationships and gender roles to create curricula that have led to the creation of the Power Couple Mentoring Course: a course that provides modern couples with blueprints, tools and skills to build confidence in their non-traditional roles as they work toward #RelationshipGoals.


We have worked with hundreds of individuals in couples, families and groups to help develop frameworks that help couples become skillful at navigating their unique 21st Century lifestyles… and we know we can help you reach your #RelationshipGoals, too.



   While we are grateful for the #RelationshipGoals we have achieved as a couple, the journey has not been easy. From the beginning of our relationship almost 25 years ago, we have strived to maintain a relationship that allowed us to continue to grow as individuals as well as a couple. 


We were college sweethearts at Tuskegee University. When we met, one of us (Eugene) was an Architect major and the other (Andrea) was an Electrical Engineering & Mathematics major. We entered our friendship with the understanding that we both had big dreams for the future and as we grew in relationship we began to envision ways that we could play a part in the other’s dreams and collaborate to do some amazing things together, but that was easier to dream about than it was to walk out as a couple.

Immediately after marriage, we began to receive (sometimes unsolicited) advice about what we needed to do in order to be the best husband and wife for each other. Any relationship challenges we expressed were presumed to be the result of NOT functioning in our relationship in certain roles. When we mentioned how one of us was in school or the other had a hectic schedule, the focus was brought back to traditional expectations and how fulfilling our proper roles was the solution to put everything “in order”. Eventually, we realized that we would need to be more intentional about finding our answers.


We committed ourselves to attending as many marriage conferences and workshops as possible. We learned a lot about principles of communication and conflict resolution strategies that were foundational to lasting relationships.

Yet most came from a traditional context where success was based on each partner’s ability to fulfill predetermined gender roles. Our personal experiences were much different than what was being presented to us about the roles  of men and women in relationships. We also noticed that many of the African American relationships that we admired focused less on gender roles (Who's the Man?) and more on working in partnership and building on each other's strengths. That approach felt more natural for us.

We used characteristics of successful Black couples as our models. We found that, unlike the traditional model of relationships presented in the majority of culture, the models followed by African American couples who had satisfying relationships were more diverse. After many years trial and error in our own relationship, we began to work on our own relationship curriculum based on what we had learned through research, relationship education courses, our lived experiences and our developing expertise.


One major difference in our coursework continues to be our emphasis on including experiences of couples with non-traditional roles. As a coach and an educator, we felt confident that we could create a course that would allow modern couples to find more success in their traditional and/or less traditional relationships, and WE WERE RIGHT.


Over the past decade, we continued to explore our own relationship while also working with other individuals, couples and families and conducting research about relationship education. Although the research and practices of successful African American Couples are the foundation of Power Couple Mentoring, the principles are effective for couples of all backgrounds who find themselves challenged to navigate modern relationships in the face of traditional expectations. Power Couple Mentoring combines all of our education, experiences and expertise into a one package for other “couples like us.

"We can do more together than we can do apart."

Eugene & Andrea

When we say other “couples like us,” we mean, couples that do not easily fit into traditional expectations or simply desire to do something unique in their relationships. We understand that couples that do not fit neatly into traditional roles can have a harder time trying to figure out how to build a strong partnership. We also realize that these couples, couples like YOU, are often very driven to thrive as partners in their relationships to reach #RelationshipGoals… and often they desire to be POWER COUPLES.

WhaT is a Power Couple?

POWER COUPLE is a description of couples who work in partnership and agreement with mutual respect and accountability. These couples have had personal accomplishments as individuals, but are even more dynamic as a team in partnership.

WhY is it important?

It is important to know your Power Couple Style because it has become increasingly more challenging to manage relationships with gender roles. When you know what kind of Power Couple you are you can navigate your challenges more effectively to achieve your #RelationshipGoals.

The term Power Couple is a description people often use to describe us. This is what OUR power couple accomplishments have looked like throughout our complex partnership.

Maximizing the Connection


Find out your Power Couple Style!

The CLASSIC Power COuple
The CROWN Power Couple
The ALLIANCE Power Couple
Are you looking to build up your relationship skills to communicate better with the different people in your life? 


Maximizing the Connection


Whether you are single or in relationship, at home with family & friends, or at work with colleagues

Personal growth is essential to make, maintain and maximize the connectioN.

At the core of any successful and mutually satisfying relationship are individuals who are committed to continual improvement of themselves as individuals. Ultimately, the only positive change that you can 100% guarantee in your personal life and in your relationships are the changes you are willing to make in yourself, your attitude, and your interactions with those in the world around you.


Without a commitment to turn your focus to yourself - your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors - you will find yourself less stable mentally, emotionally and physically in your relationships.

Maximizing the connection TOPICS

  • The 5 Es - Our personal perspectives about relationship expectations is heavily influenced by how we have interacted with the world in various capacities.

  • FaiReality Tale - Fairy tales are so common that sometimes we use the notions of Prince Charming and living happily ever after as our expectations for our relationships in real life.

  • F.O.G. - Sometimes FEELINGS OVERRIDE the GOOD in our relationships in a way that makes communication as challenging as navigating through fog.

  • I Think… I Feel… I Do… - We need to be reminded about the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions and how they can affect relationships, both positively and negatively.

  • Words/ Tone/ Volume/ Body Language - We are always communicating, so it is important to have a clear understanding of how to ensure people are hearing what we are trying to say through our verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Rules of Engagement - There are some basic guidelines that can help keep us grounded when we are engaging in conversations.

  • The Power of kNOwing - 

MTC Topics



Make, Maintain, & MAXIMIZE the CONNECTION


A self-paced, independent study for individuals interested in personal development. Includes Audio tutorials and Activity Workbook. Includes access to a BONUS LIVE VIDEO SESSION on Legacy Building and access to the Maximizing the Connection (MTC)

Online Community



Buy Now!

Maximizing the Connection


Who is Maximizing the CONNECTION for?

If you are currently in a relationship - married, engaged, committed, or dating - Maximizing the Connection is for you!


There are many aspects of relationship that require both partners to engage together to influence various dynamics of the relationship. However, there is always room in a relationship for change and adjustment as the relationship grows. Maximizing the Connection will allow you to consider ways to build up your relationship by considering personal changes you can make in the way that you interact in your relationship. The lessons will suggest ways you can influence your relationship by working to empower yourself in your relationship. 


If you are single - unattached, coming out of a relationship, or desiring to prepare for relationship - Maximizing the Connection is for you!


The skills presented in Maximizing the Connection are useful for any meaningful relationship in your life. It is designed to help you plan for the future with a significant other, while appreciating the season you are in.

If you desire to improve relationships with friends, co-workers, and/or family members then Maximizing the Connection is for you, too!

There are some aspects of relationships that are universal and skills that will help you navigate your interactions with others, no matter who you are trying to relate to. Maximizing the Connection lessons provide the skills necessary to help you navigate ALL of your relationships a little bit better.


Learn to Release the Struggle with
Traditional Relationship Expectations! 
Know Your Roles, Grow Your Goals,
and Manifest Your Shared Vision!
Are You Ready to Unleash


Power Couple Mentoring


Power Couple Mentoring is the ONLY couples mentoring series designed to equip couples with blueprints, tools, and skills to transform couples from discontented to satisfied, and from stagnant to dynamic Power Couples who achieve their #RelationshipGoals.

We trust that if the prospect of being a Power Couple appeals to you then you are a couple with a capacity for vision and you know what you desire to see manifest in your life. Power Couple Mentoring is designed with your unique couple dynamics in mind.

When you and your partner have completed Power Couple 

Mentoring, you will...

  • Have clarity about how to celebrate your own and your partner’s uniques differences

  • Feel more connected in your relationship and know how to maintain that connection

  • Have tools to adapt as the seasons of your relationship shift and change

  • Experience increased satisfaction in your relationship

  • Know how to make changes when relationship roles no longer fit your partnership

  • Be able to relieve many common pressures that are a part of relationships

  • Learn strategies that will get you closer to your #RelationshipGoals

  • Have skills to open dialogue and navigate diverse ideas to find common ground

  • Have tools to create a balanced partnership

Are you ready to Activate


MODULE 1: Partnership with Benefits

PARTNERSHIP is an important part of the Power Couple relationship and communication is a vital part of ensuring that partnerships flourish. Connecting well in partnership requires that both partners are in sync. In Module 1, we consider how differences in personality preferences and personal motivations can affect interactions with your partner. We also discuss how it is possible to view the same events from different points of view and consider how to work together to create the same ‘picture’ when seeking common ground.


Relationship is Partnership • Riding Tandem • Celebrating the Differences • Connecting the Dots

MODULE 2: How to R.E.A.P. in Your Relationship

MUTUAL RESPECT is a building block of Power Couple relationships. Partners in Power Couple relationships recognize the importance of the other’s perspectives when making decisions and they see how their partner’s unique way of doing things is an asset to the partnership, so those differences are respected. In Module 2, we will examine the R.E.A.P. Approach and consider how partnerships are strengthened when we are willing to Respect, Expect, Adapt, and Protect in our relationships.


When 2 Worlds Combine or Collide? • The R.E.A.P. Approach • Finding Common Ground Based on R-E-S-P-E-C-T! • It’s Time to REAP!

MODULE 3: Break the Mold to Get to Relationship Goals

AGREEMENT is one of the most dynamic aspects about being a Power Couple, because it intensifies your efforts. Traditionally, there were predetermined roles that many couples sought to fit into, whether they fit that mold or not. Those that fit well into those roles are often able to function well. As society has changed and evolved, there has been a greater need for partners to play different roles. In Module 3, we address the various roles in relationship partnerships and use the P.I.E.S. Matrix to allow you to begin to consider your unique partnership design.


Gender Roles Spectrum • Let’s Slice PIES • Making Adjustments • Breaking the Mold

MODULE 4: Shape Your World Together

Without ACCOUNTABILITY, Power Couple partnerships are unable to thrive. Mutual respect and agreement are stifled if there is no way to ensure that a couple is following the same blueprint. After engaging in the interactive lessons as a couple in Modules 1, 2, and 3, you will spend the final week working together to design your own personalized blueprint for your Power Couple relationship. You will both use the skills and tools from the previous lessons to craft your own plan for your partnership. When you finish this final Module 4, you will have an individualized, personalized guide that you and your partner have created to fit the specific needs and dynamics of your relationship; and you will be equipped to modify it as needed. 


PIES 4 LIFE! • SHIFT!!! • Who’s the Man? • Raise Your Standard

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Mentoring Topics
Get Power Couple Mentoring


Power Couple Mentoring

What #RelatonshipGoals are you ready to see manifest in YOUR relationship? What investment are you willing to make to see yourselves reach those goals? By participating in Power Couple Mentoring, you will be solidifying a commitment to invest your time and resources into your relationship with your partner. In return, we Eugene & Andrea commit to provide guidance that supports your efforts to become a couple that:
  • Is an example in your spheres of influence

  • Is able to accommodate one another’s dreams and goals

  • Respects equality and equity for both partners

  • Is able to combine forces to “take over your world”

  • Is “US” focused more than “ME” focused

  • Views one another as each other’s GREATEST FAN

  • Complements one another in strengths and limitations

  • Is admired as a POWER COUPLE

  • SAY YES to taking your relationship to a new level of satisfaction!
  • SAY YES to accomplishing your #RelationshipGoals!
  • SAY YES to becoming the Power Couple of YOUR dreams!


Course OPtions

Video Tutorials and Activities

Maximizing the Connection




This is a self-paced, independent couple's course. This option includes Maximizing the Connection Course along with Power Couple video tutorials and couple activities. 

Personalized Q&A Feedback 

Video Tutorials & Activities

Maximizing the Connection




This is an interactive four-week course that is facilitated by Coach Eugene and Dr. Andrea Mason. This option includes an experience through the Mentoring Month that includes Maximizing the Connection as a pre-course along with accountability for the Power Couple video tutorials and couple activities through weekly feedback and video Q&As for support. 

Couple-to-Couple Live Video Sessions

Personalized Q&A Feedback 

Video Tutorials & Activities

Maximizing the Connection


Mentoring Intensive


This is a six month journey that begins with the Maximizing the Connection pre-course. Next, is participation in a Mentoring Month four-week course with accountability through weekly feedback and video Q&As for support. This option continues with monthly check-ins and a personal Couple-2-Couple live video session each month with Coach Eugene and Dr. Andrea Mason. The Mentoring Intensive involves six months of personalized couple mentoring.

Application required.

Be intentional about your personal growth and about building your relationships. INVEST NOW toward #RelationshipGoals!

Make a decision that will propel you toward your Power Couple Status right now and in the future.

Power Couple Mentoring Series




Get Power PREP

What is your Power Couple Style?


The CLASSIC Power COuple
The CROWN Power Couple
The ALLIANCE Power Couple
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