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Four Pillars of Partnership

These four pillars can be used as the foundation of any type of partnership that you desire to establish. Whether business or personal, a DECISION TO PARTNER, MUTUAL RESPECT, AGREEMENT, and ACCOUNTABILITY will allow your partnership to be strong. Without one of these pillars, your partnership will become unstable.

Desire to Partner


The benefit of partnership is the realization that two are better than one. Meaning that the partners not only look to capitalize on their individual strengths, but also the collaborative strengths. It is important to know and understand the costs and benefits of establishing and maintaining your RELATIONSHIP BRAND. Taking the Power Couple Quiz assists couples with identifying with one of the three different relationship archetypes [Classic Couple, Crown Couple or Alliance Couple]. Identification with one of the relationship archetypes can provide a baseline where conversation can begin around similar, different and complementing values.



Once you have identified the Power Couple archetype that you are striving toward [CROWN, CLASSIC or ALLIANCE], then it is important that you and your partner have agreement about your course of action. To move forward, it may require you to break the mold of what you and/or your partner have considered the right way to function in your relationship. Differences have been identified and hopefully you will be willing to make the adjustments needed to complement and strengthen one another. Agreement on your RELATIONSHIP BRAND requires constant revision because Power Couples are constantly evolving. So it is important to remain flexible to changes. Your purpose may not change, however, your approach may be slightly different.



Respect for oneself and others is a fundamental life principle. When the boundaries of respect are crossed, eventually the relationship will become contentious. This may be evidence of an imbalance between loving oneself and loving others, which makes finding common ground more challenging. Individuals that struggle with identifying their personal truths may find themselves battling with insecurity, selfishness, fear and other attributes that work against maintaining the RELATIONSHIP BRAND



Your partnership is strengthened when the RELATIONSHIP BRAND has been well defined and protected. Otherwise anyone is able to come in and confuse your #RelationshipGoals. You are both responsible for the standards you have established. Your standards are like a flag that represents your policies and the systems of your partnership. When necessary revise it... redefine it... realign with it... But ALWAYS PROTECT IT and your RELATIONSHIP BRAND will be UNSTOPPABLE!

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