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CROWN Archetype


“God-given” or innate characteristics of male headship/ leadership


Decisions likely made together, with greater weight on the husband’s perspective, man expected to be the financial provider and the woman may assist, but woman often will step into role if needed, both the man and woman may have some responsibility in the home and with children



Nominal (name only) male leadership that may exclude traditional responsibilities; man perceived to have innate and intrinsic leadership abilities 


Reduces conflict about leadership positions in the home because the man is considered to hold leadership role with the woman assisting (i.e. president and vice president), there is an understanding that efforts will be made to have traditional gender roles whenever possible



Potential conflict about expectations for leadership duties; dependent on woman’s compliance and agreement to view the man as the leader of the home


If you are single, take time now to fully understand which of your values are traditional and which are non-traditional; and it will be important that you be willing to be open with future partners about the type of partnership you desire. Because you value a blend of traditional and non-traditional roles in your relationship, you will need to discuss whether the roles you see yourself fulfilling are compatible with the person you date in the future.


If you are dating, invite your partner to take the Power Couple Quiz! Make time to discuss what individual roles you consider to be important in a committed relationship. It is beneficial in the dating stage to grasp an understanding of individual and collective expectations each partner has for one another, especially because you prefer a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional roles in your relationship. Figure out whether you share the same traditional expectations and non-traditional roles with the person you are dating before you become more committed in your relationship. How are your traditional beliefs the same? How are they different? Which traditional and non-traditional expectations are most important to you both. Consider whether you are both willing and able to fulfill these roles in a deeper relationship, and whether adjustments need to be made to fit together well in a committed relationship.


Be mindful of modern expectations for men and women in relationships, while also valuing traditional ideals for what is masculine and what is feminine. The benefit of the CROWN Power Couple is that when there is an agreement about leadership, there is less conflict about how decisions are made in the home. The challenge is that there is potential for conflict about expectations for leadership duties, and the man being viewed in a leadership capacity is dependent upon the woman's compliance to view the man as the leader in their relationship no matter the circumstances or whether he demonstrates traditional leadership abilities or not.

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