What's BLACK LOVE Got to Do With ANYTHING?


There are so many reports about Black people that are negative and designed to show deficits. Whether intentional or not, they often promote feelings of inadequacies and fear that affects how we navigate in the world. One of my personal life missions is to look for, illuminate and CELEBRATE THE GOOD; then point others toward solutions that encourage people of African descent to
RE-MEMBER WHO WE ARE and so that  we can get about the business of HEALING AND SAVING OURSELVES.
This motivation is at the forefront of the work that Eugene and I do with families and couples. For more than five years, we have been working to figure out a way to present my formal research to regular, everyday people like YOU, so that it can be used to help you
SET YOURSELVES FREE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. You will find a unique perspective and a true pathway forward in this ebook,
What’s BLACK LOVE Got to Do With It?


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What's BLACK LOVE Got to Do With It?
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In corporate, soft skills are used to capitalize on collaboration and profits; however, often in our personal lives these same skills are not used to manage ourselves, our relationships or the next generation. Soft skills add finesse to our hard skills game. It's time to recapture soft skills in the environments that matter most – within ourselves, our homes, and our circles of influence. Join the Maximizing the Connection Community. Consider new ways to be the expert in your life. 
Lead YOUR Life… Like a BOSS!

Are you wondering why BLACK LOVE seems so elusive in modern culture? And what you can do to cultivate and strengthen BLACK LOVE in your family, life and relationships?